Beeswax according to(EC) 834/2007 (Pesticide-Free)

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37,5+ kg€10.41€12.60


High quality, purified 100 % natural
Conforming to EU veterinary standards and
regulations, certified by local veterinary authority, according to (EC) 834/2007.
Sold in blocks, each of mass 10kg.

Acid value: 16.0 Mg/G-23.0 Mg/G
Form: solid
Melting point: 62.0ºC-67.0ºC
Acid value: 16.0 mg/g-22.0 mg/g
Saponification value: 75.0mg/g-110mg/g
Ester value: 70mg/g-80mg/g
Hydrocarbon: max 14,5%


  • High binding strength
  • Pronounced plasticity
  • Excellent emulsifiability
  • Improves structure, oil retention, pay-off and mold release for stick applications

Applications include:

Cosmetics, Creams, Glamour Products, Lotions, Pharmaceuticals, Ointments, Tablet Coatings, Candles, Confections, Hard Shell Candy Coatings, Wood and Floor Polishes.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm


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